Welcome to Norwalk Church of Christ

Welcome to Norwalk Church of Christ

Welcome to Norwalk Church of ChristWelcome to Norwalk Church of Christ

About Us


Our Worship

While you are visiting us we will worship according to what the Bible says and we hope that you are encouraged also!  We have singing (acapella), we will offer prayers, on the first day of the week we as Christians will partake of the Lord's Supper and the members here will take up a collection (if you would like to give to the collection you can).


Bible Studies

On Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Nights we have Bible classes.  We have classes for different ages.  In our adult class on Sunday mornings we are currently studying the book of James. On Wednesday night we are studying the book of Acts!  Please take time to join in our studying together if you are able!

If you want a personal study we would be glad to sit down and have a study with you.  If interested please contact us!


Our Preacher

In June 2017 Brother Daniel Sanders began laboring with the congregation.  Daniel has been preaching full time since 2007.  He is married to his wife Justina and they have three kids Korrigan, Ophylia, and Emalise.  Daniel and Justina were married here in Norwalk in 2005 and have been blessed to return once again to labor with the congregation!